a Type Poultry Layer Bird Cage with Automatic Feeding and Drinking System


  • $150.00

Product DescriptionThe A Frame System Layer Battery System is designed both open and close house all over the world.especially for open house in big farm who has enough land.it is more suitable to be used in tropical zone such as Africa.Southeast Asia and South Asia Countries.The A Frame System Layer Battery System is Cold Galvanized or all Hot Dipped Galvanized Equipment.Automatic Cage Mesh Welding. Cutting. Bending and Cold/Hot Dipped Galvanization for Cages and Cage Leg Frames.Advantages:Greater number of birds is reaed per unit of area and it helps in identifying poor producers and prompt culling .so.it saves more cost for Farmers because its much lower investment as H frame Cage System ;More suitable to use in rain-less district.durable and soild struture for long lifetime; Easily to deliver and installation in clients farm and make maintenance; Prompt steps to control feed wastage because of the longer design feed trough edge;Prompt steps to control feed wastage because of the longer design feed trough edge;The cage method of housing is ideal for the area of moderated climate conditions where the day temperature in summer is not high or fall too low; The overlap parts is smaller so the chicken house can get much better ventilation.it can be used both in open or close house according clients' needs.The Normal Standard Cages:Item No.Cell LengthCell DepthCell HeightUnit DimensionCells/Unit/SetTiers/ SetBirds/cell/ unit/setPT-A3903903503801950*350*3805/633/15/90PT-A41203903503801950*350*3805/843/15/120PT-A3964903503801960*350*3804/634/16/96PT-A41284903503801960*350*3804/844/16/128PT-A31204304204102150*420*4105/634/20/120PT-A41604304204102150*420*4105/844/20/160PT-A31504305004302150*500*4305/635/25/150PT-A42004305004302150*500*4305/845/25/200

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